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With: Jack Woodrow, Kent Edgeworth, Kurt Green, Tom Clark, Shane Jones, James Kingstom, Zak Gray & Ben McConnell

From Stuntdubs

No luck on getting this to imbed, but check the link for a perfect example of why not taking no for an answer is a great idea.

Thrasher Hall of Meat.

East Bound and Down

Final installment from RVCA’s cross country mission.  Plus we’re suckers for Smokey and the Bandit.  Good combo.   More from RVCA here

And now the view from the riders perspective.

SkateHouseMedia has a treasure trove of ridiculousness here.

Kosmos Innertainment Group and Karsten “Crash” Gopinath shot this footage with the Orangatang crew to test a new sensor for RED Digital Cinema. A Pursuit Systems Cayenne Turbo equipped with a crane and four-man crew followed our fearless, freckled friends forever down the Malibu hills.

Pimpin new shoes and DVS ~ SF

Endless Pipe

Matt West in a log flume thanks to Marije de Haas – via Vimeo.  ~SF

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