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It was only a matter of time before the biggest wave ever kited was riden by Ben Wilson.  Thanks to Jeep Australia for ponying up for a helo.

Reo Stevens gives a Cabrinha water tour of the North Shore of Oahu sporting the watermans’s special of kitesurfing, SUP, and a dash of pipeline.

Edited By: Reo Stevens
Filmed by: Chuck Harlan, Iain Platt, Ben/Bill Wilson and Phil Waller

Props to the sponsors: Cabrinha and Reo.

Betty likes to Whip It

And whip it good…

A Morning on Necker

This has so little “sport”, other than some kiting and a golf cart, that we struggled to justify posting it.  But it seemed wrong not to share.  Enjoy.

Huge props to Ben Wilson for pushing kiting as hard as he has.  Kiting around the world only on surfing sponsors is a monster accomplishment.  Ben Wilson Vision will likely make some waves of their own in the next 12-18 months.  Check it ~ SF


This aint all that fressshhh, but he’s killin it and pulled in a magazine covershot last month, so gotta keep it in the rotation ~ SF

The Real Team making the most of the left coast.  Location: Hood River .  Care of Real, and check out  ~ SF

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