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This one is a few weeks old, but worthy of coming out of retirement to post.  Dedication = Success.

If MacDuff’s backyard is the standard these days for riders, we like the direction things are headed.

h/t GoPro Channel

Oldie but a goodie

Nigel Sylvester takes it to the streets…

From 13thWitness


Yes, this video is an hour and fifteen minutes.  Yes, you should watch it.  It’s a history of FBM, but FBM has been in BMX so long that it’s basically a history of dirt and freestyle BMX.  It reminds us a bit of Dogtown and Z Boys but has more broken glass and triple the riding.   Check FBM after you’re done.

The boys at Defgrip put together a great piece on Greyboy’s roots in BMX racing.  Being a long time fan of Greyboy it’s cool to hear that he raced BMX back in the day, and seeing that a huge pile of flicks have Greyboy in the line-up, we thought we’d toss this flick in the ring.

This is worth a watch too with a Dyrdek shout-out to boot.

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